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About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting. My name is Sage. I live in my Honda Element with my black lab/cattle dog mix, Kopek. I grew up in Southern California and lived there until I was 30. Kopek and I relocated to Bend, Oregon because from here we can easily access so many things we love to do. 

I like to hike, backpack, camp, snowboard, take photos, make videos, and find new ways to adventure in the outdoors. Kopek likes to eat. The two of us spent 6 months traveling in the U.S. and it created in me a love for video and vehicle dwelling. While I think Bend will be our home base for a while, I would like to eventually hit the road long term.  I am in the process of honing my skills that would enable me to money while traveling full time. 


I would love it if you joined me in this journey. I am passionate about sharing this alternate lifestyle with those who are considering doing it themselves or those who just like to watch it from a distance. If you would like to follow along and support this journey I would be honored to have you.

You can follow on instagram and YouTube. You can also support me by visiting my Print Store and purchasing prints of photos you think might look good on your wall or mean something special as a gift to someone. 

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